ISMD is a Polish Clinical Research Organization cooperating with pharmaceutical, CRO and biotech companies in all phase II – IV clinical trials.


ISMD Clinical Research Organization
Rembrandta 1 str.,
05-520 Bielawa/Konstancin-Jeziorna
tel: +48 22 70 20 556
fax:+48 22 70 20 556
mobile phone: +48 509 141 559
e-mail: office@ismd.pl


ISMD Clinical Research Organization

Our mission is to deliver high quality services but also to understand our clients’ need to receive quality data on time and within budget.

With our clients on mind, ISMD employs experienced and highly skilled personnel. ISMD employees show great commitment to all projects not only ensuring the proper study conduct required by the local law, GCP standards and Sponsor’s SOPs but also good and long-term relationships with investigators due to the professional and reliable approach.

To keep our competitive advantage, we emphasize personalized and tailored services and faster response time, which result in shortening the process necessary to get a new drug approved by the Regulatory Authorities.